Privacy policy

Do we collect personal data from our visitors?

We can collect only the most general information about our visitors, due to the fact that they leave their comments under our posts. What kind of data is collected? The IP address, e-mail, if you enter it in the comment form. We may have information about the location of the user at the time of sending the comment.

If you already use Gravatar, the system will try to identify you after posting a comment and verify your account in the system. If you want to know what privacy policy this service has, please follow this link

After posting a comment, your avatar from the Gravatar system can be shown to users in a comment.

We do not allow users to post links to their sites, as this contradicts our advertising policy.

Our site does not collect any personal data about users and cannot transfer them to a third party. The only way a visitor can somehow identify themselves on a site is to post a comment. We enable the user not to save his email, avatar and even refuse to accept cookie files.

If you do not refuse to use cookies so that the system can show you the site the next time faster and allow you to leave comments on other posts, just do not disable the function of saving cookies on the site.

We post videos from various sources on the site, for example, Youtube. Authors of such third-party content may additionally collect data about you if you go to the source, leave your comments.

We are not responsible for third-party content, as videos are embedded through an iframe received from Youtube for a specific video. If it is deleted, the video is not displayed on the site, it does not pose any threat, but it may not work and does not reflect the video player for watching the video.

Do you store data about the visitors?

In case you leave a comment, we can store information about you for your convenience in case you want to continue commenting on our articles.

If you do not want us to store information about your publication, you can request to delete your comment or do it yourself.