Penomet Review, Unique Gaiter System and Real Results

Men frequently face the problem of small penis size which deprives their partner of getting intense orgasms.

Man with a small penis also experiences a lot of insecurities and problems. Today, penis enlargement methods are abundant.

A highly safe and effective technique is the use of penis pumps like Penomet. Such devices are capable of both penis enlargement and improving the quality of your sexual life. This includes relieving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

All modern penis enlargement pumps fall into two large categories: water pumps (Penomet) and vacuum devices. The two are slightly different when it comes to the principle of operation. However, they will incite the same body reactions and results.

Does Penomet Penis Pump Work?

Quick Note
The pressure has a stimulating effect on blood circulation in the cavernous tissues of the penis. The cellular ducts stretch, entailing an enlargement in the penis length and girth.

Enhanced blood circulation also results in stronger, more powerful erections, helping the man to last longer and get rid of erectile dysfunction after Penomet usage.

 As for the Penomet water pump, its principle of operation is based on a safer pressure impact inside the working chamber in comparison with vacuum pumps. Water softens the cavernous tissues and the foreskin, minimizing the likelihood of injuries, hematomas, and stretch marks .

Vacuum pumps stimulate the blood flow using the vacuum created by the air layer. If the pump is used improperly, hematomas, strains, and even bruises can appear on the penis surface. We can say, the penis pumps work as claimed, and even more – you can increase your penis size permanently.

Penomet can be used as a vacuum pump, but its usage will be not so comfortable and safe.

Penis Pump Truth and Myths Reviewed

Both vacuum and water-based pumps are often brought up in male circles. That is why a bunch of myths and legends surround this subject. Below are the most popular of them:

  • Regular use of the pump can cause erection problems. This is a blatant lie. Many clinical and laboratory studies involving real people proved that the use of a penis pump has a positive effect on the quality of erection. This is due to the improved blood flow in the penis.
  • Using the Penomet device is addictive. No, this is not true. After using the pump for a long time, until the positive result is obtained, the man can safely and easily quit pumping. There’s no likelihood of addiction. The result attained with the help of a pump persists for 6-24 months.
  • One year of regular Penomet pumping increases the length of the penis by as little as 0.4 cm. The aforementioned clinical studies refute this myth. The pump manufacturers guarantee a positive result in the form of enlarging the penis size by 25% after 6-8 months of treatment. This period may vary slightly, depending on the physiological characteristics of the male body and the proper use of the penis pump. Thousands of men on forums say that penis pumps do work.

What does a Penomet Penis Pump do?

Regarding design, vacuum and water pumps have much in common. First of all, it’s the plastic working chamber, which usually has a universal size. However, some manufacturers prefer to produce devices that must be selected according to the current size parameters of the user’s penis.

A Penomet hydro-pump comes with a special rubber gaiter at its base, which performs the main pumping function. Most vacuum devices also feature this pumping element.

However, some versions that come with a rubber bulb connected to the working chamber. You should learn how to use a Penomet penis pump in every situation – when you want to improve your erection or enlarge the penis, or both.

At the end of a water pump, there is a small valve through which water is released during the pumping movements. Once you have completed to use the penis pump, and also between repetitions, you should loosen the valve to completely release water from the tube.

Virtually every model of water and vacuum devices has a lined size scale on its surface, which the man can use to observe changes in the size of his penis.

Quick Note
As a rule, the working chamber of the Penomet pump is made of elastic and transparent plastic, which is easily amenable to mechanical changes during operation.

Quality and certified pumps are made from top-notch and non-toxic materials that are incapable of causing redness, irritation, and itching.

How To Use a Penomet Penis Pump at Home?
 The difference between using vacuum and water pumps is that you need to keep your penis in warm water for 5 minutes before using the hydro-device. Then fill the working chamber with warm water and insert the penis. With a vacuum pump, the user just inserts his dry penis into the tube .

Regardless of the model used, you should use a penis pump for 60-90 seconds. Then, pull the penis out of the working chamber and let it rest for 30 seconds.

Repeat this cycle for 15-20 minutes. During the first few months, you should have pumping sessions twice a day, in the morning and evening. Throughout the rest of the course of treatment, once a day is enough.

What are the Penomet Results(Before/After)?

Let’s review the scope of positive changes every user of a water or vacuum pump will experience:

  • The first and most important change is a significant enlargement of the penis. As a rule, the penis grows in both length and girth.
  • A significant improvement in sexual function. The user observes extra sexual endurance and strength. His erections are more powerful and prolonged, which prevents premature ejaculation. The man’s body produces a fairly large volume of seminal fluid, with a huge quantity of active spermatozoa. Accordingly, the reproductive function of the male body is improved.
  • Once his sexual abilities have improved and his penis has grown larger, the man feels confident and sexually accomplished. He is no longer bothered by depression and stress.

Does it Work for Penis Enlargement?

After each use of the Penomet, wash the device thoroughly to eliminate any bacteria on the plastic surface. The manufacturer recommends that you buy the pump in a bundle with lubricants that greatly facilitate the process of inserting the penis inside the working chamber.

Before you start your first pumping session, get familiar with the manufacturer’s detailed instructions.

Pay attention to the possible contraindications to use, as well as side effects. Many penis pumping techniques have been developed as of today: shaking, wrapping, pulse pumping, milking, etc.

Choose the option that’s the most convenient for you to obtain the desired result. Water pumps are more effective and safe. But air pumps still work fine if you use them correctly.

What is Technology?

When choosing and purchasing the Penomet water penis pump, many consumers have an array of different questions. Knowing the answers to them, you can select the highest-quality device.

How long does it take to get a positive result?

The duration of treatment required to achieve a positive result depends on several important factors. They are the physiological characteristics of the man’s body, the proper performance of pumping, and the number of sessions a day. On average, you can observe the promised result after 6-8 months of daily pumping.

How to choose a Penomet package?

There are three packages available on Penomet’s website, the difference between packages is in gaiters quantity. There is only one gaiter available in the Standard package. We have reviewed all the packages.

Did You Know?
Our best advice is to order the Premium package because it includes all available gaiters to constantly increasing pressure.

Where to buy a vacuum and water pumps?

Every man wants to purchase an original and safe device that can solve the small penis problem. Experts recommend buying exclusively from the official websites of manufacturers. Also, most official suppliers have good promotional and discount offers, allowing you to buy a device at a greatly reduced price.

Spare Parts

The manufacturer recommends that every Penomet pump buyer also purchases the spare parts that may wear out during operation. As a rule, this concerns rubber gaiters, which need to be replaced once in a while.

Final Review

If you want to change your sex life for the better, don’t hesitate a single minute and order a penis enlargement pump.

Before buying a device, take your time to get acquainted with the product’s reviews and make sure it has certificates from clinical and laboratory tests. Thanks to the effects of pumping, the man regains confidence in his sexual powers.

It is safe when you know how to use a penis pump for male intimate health. The manufacturer claims that the pump has an almost negligible number of contraindications and causes no negative side effects. This significantly expands the consumer circle.

Anyone can order a high-quality and effective pump for penis enlargement, regardless of where they live. The shipping duration depends on the postal or courier service of the customer’s choice.

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