Bathmate Results After 3, 6 and 9 Months Compared, Reviewed

Before I bought this Bathmate Hydroxtreme pump for $300 I have read a lot.  I did not know much about the pump itself, its technology, materials, and the effectiveness even though I visited forums, read blogs and the official website, watched videos on Youtube.

Everyone talks about how to use it and how cool it is. But there are several questions:

  • But what is behind these words?
  • What result will I get personally in 3, 6 and 9 months?
  • Can I permanently enlarge my penis?
  • Could there be any side effects?
  • How to improve the result?
  • How long to use the pump?
  • Which series is better to choose?

I don’t know about you guys, but I had to take a certain risk and step over myself to make a choice and buy a pump from the official site (the link is present in this Bathmate review).

And you know what? I didn’t lose that I bought the most expensive Bathmate HydroXtreme pump. Now it’s in my hands and I decided to tell you about the 7 most important factors that led me to buying and using the Bathmate.

Today, I am certainly a big fan of this product, because it simply changed my sexual life. But let’s get back to those 7 important things I want to tell you about. You just have to know this in order not to waste your time anymore.

#1. Which Bathmate Pump is Better to Choose?

Information on the official website tells only about some new technology in Hydromax and Hydroxtreme, and how to choose the right pump size. Hydromax Wideboy, and Hydroxtreme Wideboy models designed for those guys who have a penis width of 6.5 inches and more. Happy guys.

Quick Note
The cheapest Bathmate pump model is Hydro7, it costs $110.  It is a new name for the Hercules pump. This is the oldest, albeit effective technology with which the Bathmate started. Why buy it if Hydromax5 costs $139 – $239?
Now, Bathmate Hydromax is truly a new pumping technology. There was a bellow system redesign and a latch valve added to improve the power and comfort. I would consider Hydromax as an optimal choice for purchase. There is a 2-year warranty applied to the purchase,  a 60-days money-back guarantee, and free worldwide shipping.

Click the link below this article to buy this product on the official site. By the way, it’s made in the UK, so if you’re from the UK than the package will be delivered in a few days. As you understand, it is simply inappropriate to use earlier development in pumping. You want a good result – fast, visible, integrated.

HydroXtreme is the most powerful pump. I chose it because besides all the power and technology of Hydromax it has a handball, with which I can increase the pressure in the pump, which means it can more effectively stretch the penis. And it’s pretty safe since I used it in warm water.

This is the most correct choice. Well, think about the following: Bathmate Hydromax always applies the same load, the same pressure. Yes, it is safe, yes – it is effective for the time being. And in the end, the penis gets used to the load and stops growing. That’s how it works.

You need to increase the load if you do not want to stop. We took hooked and forward. I have 2 in 1 – at first, I used pump automation in the first months, i.e. it’s Hydromax. But then in 3 months I connected the handball and use it as HydroXtreme.

Did You Know?
Besides, HydroXtreme can be used not only in water but also as an air pump.

Yes, its technology allows this and it can be effective in terms of increasing the strength of erection. Well, you pay extra for this version of the pump – but then you will have a strong device at your disposal, your result will depend on your daily routine, goals, and motivation.

#2. Why are the Results Differs in 3, 6, 9 months?

This is true, there is no single recipe of penis enlargement for everyone. The penis pumping may be ineffective for some men in the first months and someone will achieve better results using an extender. Some users say that Bathmate helped them to increase the penis by 4 inches in 3 months, others say that 1 inch is the maximum that they received for 6-9 months of work.

What is the problem? Physiology, the pumping technique, your penis enlargement program. Every man is an individual in matters of muscle growth, stretching of tissues, etc. What is important to enlarge the penis is that you have to use Bathmate daily.

#3. Which Bathmate Pump is the Best for Beginners?

You can use Hydro7 or Hydromax at your first-month use. Once you feel that you’re ready to go further – use HydroXtreme at 3, 6 months of your routine. That’s why I suggest to buy it instead of any other pumps.

#4. Side Effects

I saw a lot of promotional Bathmate videos and blog reviews and stupid blog posts that say there are no side effects at all. But actually, they are for some men. But it’s an exception.

 If you use the right penis pump size, if you follow the official instruction and if you are attentive to your body – there won’t be any problems .

Also, some men have an individual reaction to the penis pumping and stretching after 1-3 months of usage. This is fraught with redness, micro-tears of tissues, tumors, etc. There are such facts – read the forums.

But this is an exception and in 80% of cases, it is users’ guilt. Remember – your penis is a fragile matter, the wrong approach to using even safe hydro pumps is fraught with side effects. I did not see any side effects during the last 6 months I used it. There’s nothing to scare.

#5. Why Is It Important to Measure Your Penis before You Buy any Bathmate Pump?

It’s worth to measure your penis once again, seriously.

It is important to choose the right pump size. All Bathmate pump series have the same dimensional grid. Only Hydro7 is presented in one size which is up to 7 inches, the rest of the series offer a full set of sizes. Do you know the length and width of your penis? I think that you don’t.

Use Bathmate recommendations about measuring your member so you don’t make a mistake when choosing a pump size. Incredibly, most men either do not know their exact penis size or cannot measure it correctly.

#6. Why Hydro Penis Pumps are Different?

A lot of you guys do not understand the difference between vacuum and hydro pumps. I guess you’re wondering how a pump can cost more than $200, although you can buy a vacuum pump in the nearest sex shop for $30.

Do not confuse these types of pumps. They are different, there are only 5 hydro penis pump brands on the market, and only 2 of them are effective.

The hydro pump uses water while creating a vacuum. Water is used to soften the pumping results as well as to distribute the pressure inside the pump properly. Water is the key to penis enlargement.

Vacuum pumps act only on certain parts of the penis, in general, increasing only the erection a little bit.  Bathmate not only able to permanently increase erections due to stretching of Corpa Carvenosa tissues but also to stretch the penis permanently in a relaxed and erogenous state .

#7. Why Do I Need Additional Penis Enlargement Methods?

If you get the desired penis enlargement results after penis pump use it’s good. But often men need to use several methods to increase penis size. Most of the time they use the jelqing technique in their routine. It is another 5-10 minutes of manual stretching of the penis. Moreover, there is an instruction for this even in the Bathmate package.

Also, VigRX Plus tablets are very effective. I mean only this particular male enhancement supplement as its action is clinically proven. For a 100% result, men often buy an extender, for example, Penimaster PRO complete set; it is made in Germany and works. You can also choose Quick Extender Pro. Just wear it for 2-3 hours a day at home and do a pumping. The result will be pretty quick.

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