Phallosan Forte Review: 5 Reasons to Buy the Device (Pros/Cons)

Choosing an extender is a challenge! Of course, you doubt your choice and look for the device that can solve your sexual problems: enlarge the penis, improve the erection, get rid of premature ejaculation or straighten the penis.

As a journalist and a simple penis extender user, like you, I dream of getting the best results. That’s why I ordered ALL FAMOUS PENIS ENHANCEMENT DEVICES including extenders and pumps and tried them all.

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Why and Where to Buy Phallosan Forte?

I am sure, you compare the pros and cons of certain devices, and, apparently, now is the time for Phallosan Forte, since you are here. In this review, I will tell you about those 5 important reasons that led me to buy this incredible tool.

  • The reason to buy Phallosan #1 is a unique technology created and implemented by German scientists. I will talk about it in this video in detail.
  • The reason to order the device#2 is comfort and use. Learn how I put on and use the device comfortably.
  • The reason to purchase the extender #3 is a simple penis enlargement program using the app. It’s just mega cool. My impressions are in this video.
  • Reason to buy Phallosan Forte #4 – quality materials, hypoallergenic, durable, consumable parts. It was an important criterion for choosing the device.
  • The reason to order the device#5 is the ability to use the device during sleep. I’ll tell you about my experience.

I can honestly say, that I’ve got absolutely all extenders, hydro pumps in my arsenal. I tested each of them and I have something to say. Phallosan Forte impressed me a lot.

There is a link to buy a device under this video. Order now and you’ll be able to additionally receive 4 free condoms worth of $100 and free shipping. This is a limited time offer, so don’t waste this opportunity. All the details are further in this video.

My goals: an increase in penis at least 1.5 inches in length and necessarily 1 inch in width, getting rid of premature ejaculation.

 My initial parameters of the penis: length 15 cm, width 4.5 cm. My result after 3 months of use is already + 1 inch in length and 0.5 in width .

My Phallosan Forte Review

Comfort – 5 /5
Simplicity means of 5 /5
The convenience of carrying outhouses 4 /5
The result is 5/5

By learning this Phallosan Forte review you will know exactly why it is worth paying the amount of $339 to get this newest tool for the growth of the penis and male sexual power.

Moreover, it is better to do it right now, while the special offer is valid, which was exclusively voiced only by me – 4 condoms as a gift.  Follow the links below the video to make an order on the official website.

So, First Things First:

Reason #1 is a unique technology.

This is a truly patented development, in this video – the newest device, which is now available on the site in a new package.

Its advantages:

  • It’s invisible under the clothing
  • Quick addiction in just a couple of days

If you tried any loop devices, you should understand me. Using penis traction technology with any other device can be a real challenge in the early days. All this does not apply to Phallosan Forte.

The device uses vacuum technology. This extender fits any penis size, it has 3 interchangeable nozzles – the device uses a tension sensor with a convenient indication for quick setup and control. With the help of the Phallosan’s strap that comes with it in a package, you can hide the penis extender under your clothes and use it outside.

Reason #2 – The Comfort of Use

Thanks to the vacuum technology of holding the penis head inside the device and the fact that no hard parts of the device touch it, the comfort of using the Phallosan Forte is exceptional.

This penis stretching technology involves prolonged use of the extender. Those who have tried the loop extenders know that you can be lost certain settings while wearing a device. The penis can be pulled out of the loop, it can also rub the part of the penis that comes into contact with it.

This causes unbearable pains. But this story is not applied to Phallosan Forte where the penis is securely fastened.

Quick Note
The device can be put on for 3-4 hours without a break and you don’t even remember about it until the application reminds you to remove it. I use a simple instruction to prepare the device for work.

Reason #3 is a Simple Usage Program Using the App

Well, this is brilliant. A penis enlargement program can be customized and depend on many factors. I immediately identified them for myself:

  • I can use the extender every day for 2-4 hours
  • 2 days break
  • Use Jelqing exercises for 5 minutes a day
  • Wearing at home and outdoors
  • Night sleep 3 times a week with a device (I do not wake up 5 hours contract)

Of course, you can have a program of your own. For example, if you can use a device longer, the results will be faster and more visible. You can wear the device and go out of the home, as the dynamic load helps to stretch the penis.

I want to immediately say if you do not have a clear training program or you do not follow it – you can forget about the results. You have to follow the official instruction and recommendations to succeed.

The Phallosan Forte mobile application is designed to customize your penis enlargement routine and it is easy to follow, which means – the results will be fast. No other extender vendor offers its application today, and this is very strange.

Reason #4 – Quality Materials

Let’s speak frankly, the more tender and delicate the details of the extender – the more often they need to be changed. But this rule does not apply to Phallosan Forte. The only thing I needed when I used Phallosan Forte was additional Sleeve condoms.

I unknowingly did not order them right away, but now – another 4 pieces can be obtained for free by clicking on the links at the bottom of this video.

In general, condoms periodically had to change and that’s all. As I just did not use it, he fell at my place and I tried to install tension of any kind, I wore it at night and put it on the road.

It always works perfectly, as the device is made in Germany. I’ve got a variety of skin allergies and I was afraid to use the extender because of it. But, as you know, when using hypoallergenic, high-quality, expensive materials, there can be no reaction – this is exactly about Phallosan Forte.

Reason #5 to buy Phallosan Forte(Plus)- The Ability to Use While Sleeping

I do not have much time and strength to use the extender in the daytime. I work all day long, I come home late and it’s good that a handy app reminds me of my routine, goals, and objectives.

But I was looking for an extender that would work day and night at a time comfortable for me. If you have used Rod extender at least once, you know, wearing it at night is strictly not recommended. You wake up after an hour of pain and even can damage the penis. It’s horrible.

Therefore, Phallosan Forte is the best solution for me. I have a lot of extenders, which I talk about and write reviews, testing for myself. And I can safely say nightwear is not fiction. It is necessary to control the rest periods in the use of the extender, but if you wear an extender just a couple of hours a day, there will be no special effect.

Click on the link under this video to place an official Phallosan Forte order, there is instruction on how to get additional bonuses when ordering.

The price of the device $339 for many seems too high compared to the price of other extenders. But this is more than a fair price for such technological development, for your comfort, for the result you get and for ease of use.

Why order Phallosan Forte Officially?

Instead of buying the next unnecessary phone, it is better to choose the official Phallosan Forte. Other cheap extenders can not be compared with this device. Their use is associated with risks.

Imagine you can stop being ashamed of your penis size. You will be able to reach the woman’s G point, to satisfy the partner, you can have longer sex without ending, and an erection will allow you to do it for hours. Also, the Phallosan Forte technology is ideal for those with a curved penis.

This device was clinically tested and medically approved. It’s official certified. Unbelievable how many benefits you get.

Penis enlargement with the help of penis pumping or stretching technology is an impossible task for many. Phallosan Forte is not only convenient to use, safe and effective. This device controls your penis enlargement program with the app, organizes you. As a result, your penis grows up to 3-4 inches long and up to 30% wide.

This is a new quality of sex life. I am obsessed with the idea of ​​increasing a penis and I want maximum results. I am very pleased with the Phallosan Forte. Among all of the extenders I own and Tried – this is one of my favorite ones. Recommend.

You can buy this device after reading this review from the official site. Want a bonus? Then request 4 additional condoms in the order and specify the request for free delivery.

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