VigRX Plus Review and GUIDE. My Own Experience and Results

How much talk today about the natural enhancement of an erection.

The market offers many alternatives to the so-called Viagra, but what of this works, what is not, what results to expect and how safe it is, we decided to understand this review.

Natural Penis Enhancement

A weak erection or its complete absence is a real disaster for male sex life. These are problems in the family and problems of a psychological nature, serious barriers to relations.

Quick Note
The absence or weak sexual attraction is not only depressing, it just destroys male nature. After all, a man is originally a male, the loss of this natural status is incredible discomfort.

Agree, it would be nice to just take some pills on a natural basis to strengthen your erection, and it is better to make it powerful and long-lasting. If you continue to fantasize, then you want to immediately everything: instantly aroused, quickly restored after the first ejaculation, second and third. I want to get an orgasm again and again, even with masturbation.

If you start to study similar products on the market called male enhancement supplements, then make sure that you are waiting for hundreds and even thousands of some kind of magic pills, the action of which promises you the fulfillment of all desires.

What are these products? Why are they even sold if they are not approved by the FDA? Why are they not credible? Who makes them? Are there any side effects? These are questions that you would only have to find the answer to, spending tens of hours on Youtube, on Google, visiting forums and blogs, sites with reviews.

 We simplified your task and decided to immediately reveal the cards. The only natural product on the market that simply has no competitors is called VigRX Plus. We will simply tell you sequentially in this review why this formula can solve your problems with potency and in 10 minutes you will be the most competent buyer .

So, in this review of VigRx Plus we will tell:

  1. What is this formula and what are its features?
  2. What results do you get in 1 month and how long will they wait in my example?
  3. Real clinical trials and doctors’ recommendations.
  4. Side effects.
  5. Real use experience.
  6. My findings and recommendations.
  7. Before and After pictures

So, when you open any review sites you will find the same reviews of some characteristics of VigRX Plus there. I tried to delve into them at the stage of studying the VigRX Plus product for purchase.

This did not help me in any way, I was looking for real experience, real reviews, some information from users. But I resolutely could not find it.

 All around, they tried to sell me something, to mislead or to trick me into trivialities. The facts that I found convinced me to buy. I will say right away that it was :

  • I found several VigRx Plus reviews on one of the forums.
  • I studied the clinical trials of the product in detail in medical journals. It took me a lot of time.
  • I studied the official site in detail.
  • I carefully read about the manufacturer.

My approach turned out to be right, although I spent a lot of time and effort. I realized for myself that I’ll try this formula and tell you about my impressions on the blog that I’m conducting. And it will be something new, useful, informative, and effective. So, let’s begin.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

It includes many ingredients in which action has been clinically proven and known for a long time. True, some components are atypical for this formula, for example, Bioperine.

So why are these pills better than the rest? The proportion is important, the conditions under which a product is created, quality control, real results and effects on the body are important. VigRX Plus is the result of work on the formula of the best specialists, experts, and doctors.

My VigRx Plus Experience

I will talk about my experience since such an example will be the most obvious. I am 45 years old and temporarily lost my sex drive after breaking up with my wife 7 years ago. I want to say right away that the resulting stress and moral trauma affected me rapidly. I will not go into details and the reasons for the separation, it was insanely insulting to lose my former erection.

I want to say right away that I was determined to decisively correct the situation:

  • I went to the doctor who prescribed me a lot of suspensions, advised Viagra and Cialis.
  • I started to do my spiritual health, began to study Reiki. I even had plans to seriously engage in Yoga, but they were not given the chance to do it.
  • I tried to use ProSolution Gel to enhance erection, which for a long time saved me but did not make me happy. I could get an erection after applying it, but then the effect subsided. It is wonderful that I had a member at the right time, but I was forced as a girl who forgot to put on makeup to run after the gel and secretly smear a member in the toilet or bathroom. This is a good option for a quick result, but the effect was temporary.
  • I began to monitor my health, as the doctor advised: eat less junk food, give up alcohol and smoking.
  • I took out my old bicycle from the back room and could drive to the nearest park for an hour in the morning.

I understood that this was some kind of strategy to restore my sexual functions. But everything did not work as we would like. VigRX Plus helped me gain confidence. I just realized that my body lacked all of these trace elements that affect potency and erection. This is how to take vitamins.

How to Improve Penis Size with VigRx Plus

Quick Note
I started taking the pills once in the morning and one in the evening.

At first, I was very worried about how my body would react to this. Yes, I understood that this is a biological supplement, it is natural, but how it will help me. I will say right away that for the first month I just took pills and did not notice anything.

I bought 12 months because I resolutely got down to business and did not plan to retreat.

Did You Know?
Also, it turned out 2 times cheaper to buy the full course on the official website than if you buy 1-2 bottles.

Well, what’s the point? To try? And is there something better? Tell me about it, I have not found it.

More than a month later, in the morning I felt a real student boner. This has not happened to me for the last 10 years so for sure. Morning erection, I was happy as a boy. I already had a girl at that moment, whom I met at work. I just wanted her in the morning and she was not against it.

I want to say that this sex was special for me, not as usual. It was bright, with many sensations, I just groaned in pleasure from the bed. She also felt a surge of passion from me, and it got her. We finished almost at once in about 20 minutes.

My Routine

She asked me what was it? I replied that I was inspired by her new feelings and we simply could not stop fondling each other. At first, I didn’t even think that it could be the effect of VigRX Plus tablets, this passion seemed so natural.

Toward night, when we went to bed, I just kissed her for the night, hugged her, and I again got up a member. “Are you serious?”- she asked. I still hurt a member after morning sex, we usually worked on it once a week and then on schedule, but here it is. She limited herself to a blowjob, but I was able to cum right in her mouth. The last time I had an orgasm from a blowjob was about 15 years ago. And here it took me only 10 minutes.

I continued to take pills, although after 2 months the erection became very stable and the sex in our life with a girl with whom I had already met 2-3 times more a year.

I began to record my changes in more detail and this is what I got:
1 month of taking VigRX Plus – strong erection, long sex, more emotions from orgasm. Could cum from blowjob.

5 months – new changes, experienced multiple orgasms (just experienced 3 minutes after the first), the duration of the act increased from 15-20 minutes to 30-40 minutes. I noticed that the erogenous member became 1.5-2 inches larger. Constant blood flow helped expand Corpus Carnenosa and the penis increased in size. I began to measure it with a ruler.

8 months – yes, about 3 months everything remained the same, in the 8th month I began to drink tablets less often. About 1 a day, the effect was all the same. I was able to bring my girlfriend to orgasm almost every time we had sex.

10 monthsthe result has stabilized, I could already miss the days of taking the pills, it feels like it’s not me. I had sexual fantasies, it was enough for me to think about sex to get an erection. Frankly speaking, I began to look at other women and it scared me a little. But I understood that this is the result of my increased potency. Yes, I could now say just that, because I became a real lover, whom they wanted in bed and who could satisfy the partner.

12 monthswe tried anal sex with my girlfriend. It turned out to be more painful than I thought, but I understood that with my erection I can enter it without fear that the erection will subside from pain and the penis will slip out of the anus.

She asked me not to put on a condom and we often had anal sex, which excited me. Previously, I could not even imagine that I would have such an erection and orgasm from anal sex. I finished it right in the anus and just did not want to get a member out of her for a few more minutes. The erection did not subside immediately after orgasm, but a little later.

Final VigRx Plus Review

I fully completed the 12-month VigRX Plus course. Of course, I was hoping to get some kind of result, but I didn’t think at all that I would be back in my student years, when I lived only sex, thought only about sex, and worked on it tirelessly. When you are 45, you have already gone through many stages in your life and one of them made it unbearable, it was the stage of the extinction of my male sexual power. I can safely say that he will pass.

Yes, I’m sorry, I was carried away by the story of my impressions, they were so bright. I am sure you still have questions about the product because you have not bought it yet and you may have doubts. Let’s dispel them with facts.

What Questions Can You Have?

Did I have any side effects?

I just didn’t notice anything, not even write anything. When I took a complex of vitamins in the winter, I took dietary supplements without any reactions of the body. Due to the natural composition of VigRX Plus, you also will not feel them. Just be sure to see if you have any allergies to the components.

Can I just take pills and not bother?

 No. I am sure of that. If you do not change your lifestyle, you can forget about the results. Initially, I got rid of bad habits and at least got a little involved in sports .

The penis can stretch, fill with blood under the influence of some ingredients, but if you want to get a comprehensive result – you need to do it yourself. Ideally, if you also use the Jelqing exercise program. I originally read a lot about Kegels and Jelqing exercises, even began to study and apply the techniques a couple of days.

But I didn’t have enough strength for this and I realized that without them I can do everything. But on the forums, I read that for many, results grow faster precisely after these exercises. Keep in mind, here is a guide that seemed very detailed and useful to me.

How long do I need to take VigRx Plus pills?

First results are visible after a month, qualitatively sexual life began to change after 3-5 months. I am sure many will find this sufficient, but the supplement has a cumulative effect. The longer you use it, the better the result. The course is so long because it is natural.

Your body should get used to the fact that it has enough of all trace elements to radically change your sex life and gain a stable erection.

Did You Know?
Please do not forget that erectile dysfunction is not medically treated at all officially, i.e. only alternative medicine can help, but the effect will not be instant.

How to get faster results?

Of course, you can buy ProSolution Gel from the same manufacturer Leading Edge Health, – it acts instantly as soon as you apply it.

I used it for the first time until the erection itself got stronger. The gel is safe, has no taste or smell. I tried different ones – I liked this one, as it was invisible and gave a quick effect. The rest were somehow fatty, unpleasant, this one absorbed quickly and my girlfriend even did a blowjob after applying to the penis. And she didn’t feel anything.

Where to order VigRx Plus?

There are many different stores and sellers, but I bought the tablets directly from the official website because I wanted to not only save, but also get a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Still, I bought the whole course for 12 months, if the tablets did not work, then after this time, I would request a refund. But it didn’t come in handy. Also, I received various bonuses as a gift, which greatly pleased me. Delivery was pretty fast, the packaging was without identification marks, I also received a discount card as a gift. Well and most importantly – I bought the original product.

Clinical researches

It’s a long time to write about it here, and why, it’s enough just to give you links to already published materials in magazines.


It is very important. You may have questions about the delivery or use of the product, maybe you are worried about the payment method and so on. Feel free to ask a question to the support service, it is on the site for customers from different countries.

My Conclusions About VigRX Plus

From my own experience, I was convinced that natural dietary supplements to improve potency not only exist, but they also work. I am glad that I immediately found the right solution, this rarely happens. I was impressed by the real experience of one of the forum members and experienced the same feelings.

I’m glad not only that I have correctly invested in my sexual health, but I am also glad that I did not make mistakes and did not experience any side effects. I am pleased to deal with this manufacturer, I have already ordered pills from him to increase the amount of sperm, as I also lack this. I am talking about Semenax and Volume Pills. Let’s see what works better!

This VigRx Plus review presents my real photos, I hope it is quite convincing.

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