Penis Extender Results (Comparison). 11 Different Devices Reviewed

So, I want to finally talk about all the extenders and pumps that I tried for myself for 7 months.

Now here I have the most popular devices that the entire Internet is talking about. In total, I spent on devices $250 :

Penis Extenders Pros and Cons

Just imagine, right here in this video alone, you compare all the penis extenders and pumps at once and you don’t need to study these products anymore.

I will give brief facts polemics, talk about the pros and cons of each extender, compare them, tell about my experience, give concrete practical advice to a real user, tell me whether it’s worth paying for the money that the manufacturer asks for.

Sit back, it will be very interesting and useful. And in the end – you can buy the same extender that is right for you. As if it were you and not I bought all the extenders and chose the best.

So, I have 4 main types of devices here: rod extenders, which are divided into strap, vacuum-adhesive, and hose. And also a separate category can be identified Weight extender – this is really a cool thing, I’ll talk about it at the end.

And of course – water pumps. Only they, no ordinary vacuum pumps – they do not give any significant results, they also cause a lot of discomforts.

Let’s talk about everything in order:

Phallosan Forte penis extender

Phallosan Forte is the latest vacuum-adhesion technology, before you an updated device in a new package.

Advantages and penis extender results:

  • It is very comfortable.
  • Combines the technology of pumping and stretching.
  • No side effects.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Easy to hide under clothes due to 3 different types of wearing a belt – through the knee, through the thigh or shoulder.
  • Invisible, you can even sleep with him.
  • Suitable for everyone – different types of cameras for different sizes of the head of the penis.
  • After use, there is no redness, loss of sensitivity of the head, no problems with capillaries and blood vessels.
  • German quality.


  • Since the device is very high quality and delicate, you will need additional condoms and membranes.
  • You have to order them immediately or buy them separately later.
  • It’s a little necessary to get used to putting it on, not at all and it doesn’t work right away.
  • It is inferior in effectiveness to a belt-mounted extender with a strap. Whatever you say, the results have to wait longer.
  • The high price – $ 339 scares away many. But let’s not forget that it is produced in Germany, all the details are very high quality and will last a long time. And of course – the technology and the result. This is a patented product with worldwide fame, doctors’ recommendations.

Useful tips to get better results: watch a video on how to put on an extender, I’ll take it off too. It is important to do everything step by step, i.e. it makes no sense to just watch the whole video with instructions, do everything in stages. We’ll have to figure it out a bit, get used to it, but then everything will be fast.

 My opinion: if you are afraid to use extenders with straps or a loop, this is the best option, you will be satisfied . Click here to read our Phallosan Forte review.

Penimaster PRO Complete Set


I’ll say right away if you are in a hurry, you can safely and immediately buy this particular penis extender. This is my favorite. This system has everything you might need.


Quick Note
There are both Rod Extender system and Belt extender system in this package. Both systems are different in the way they are used, by combining the type of wearing the extender you significantly improve the results and the speed of their achievement.

What unites both technologies is a way to hold the penis head using the Pulling Force Generator. This same system is used in the Weight Extender from Penimaster. The technology is truly unique, it allows you to hold the penis in a special chamber in the membrane and condom without direct exposure to vacuum or solid parts of the extender.

It’s great that you can wear a rod extender at home, and go already with a Belt extender. All this in one package. Convenient case for transportation and storage. Initially, everything you need in the package.

The device is praised on the forums, everywhere there are many positive reviews about the results received with a penis extender. It is easy to put on, wear, no side effects, German quality.


Did You Know?
The penis head fastening system is not suitable for everyone, someone simply does not like it, someone does not want to deal with it, someone considers the extender not as effective as using the classic rod.

The high price is $346 – but there is something to pay for, there simply is no other such extender. It is made in Germany. Many complain that the device has to be used for a long time for 6-8 hours a day for 6-8 months to get the result. While barbell extenders such as SizeGenetics take 3-6 months to grow 2-3 inches

 My opinion: I use it, I will not say that the member is growing quickly and productively. But an erection is 100%. Conveniently, you don’t even need to put on additional rods, if you need to extend the device by 1-2 cm, you can just unscrew the screws and correct  .

I liked the additional rods just any size, even the smallest. I just perfectly build the results with this penis extender – the length and tension for myself. It’s just that it’s a job to do the work and settings, it’s simply impossible to bring down.

This is important since with such extenders there is one torment because the tension needs to be monitored and adjusted. If the settings go wrong – everything is useless. More reviews on Penimaster PRO.

Penimaster Chrome

This is probably the best rod extender, which is considered a classic among Penimaster products. He is really special.


Unlike SizeGenetics, JES and other similar ones, it has a system for fast donning and removal. Due to the clips, you can quickly unfasten the device. Another plus – you can first put on the base and then attach it to the rods.

Usually, you have to fasten in belts, this also complicates the process of removing the extender. Sometimes it’s even painful. I also noticed that the straps in the extenders become unusable in a month or two, so they are usually in packages of 2-3 pieces.

But this is not enough. But Chrome because you can easily unfasten with clips, I did not notice the wear of the straps. Plus, the material of the straps is simply the most delicate, well, do not compare with anything.

Such comfort – does not rub, does not irritate. No need to invent any gaskets under the head, everything is complete. And I’ve got some great results after the penis extender usage.


To be honest, I did not notice them.

 My opinion: think that you will remove and put on the extender during the day since you can wear it no more than 2 hours per fit .

Then a break of several hours – and again. You go to the toilet, you can leave the house, the penis can still fall out of the system or attach inefficiently, you have to adjust. By the way, in Chrome, you can directly tighten the spring scales in the put state

Penimaster Chrome (Classic) Brief Review

Technology: rod extender
Made in Germany
Comfort – 10 of 10
Time to get results 10 of 10
Easy to wear and use 10 of 10
Side effects – long time usage, incorrect wearing

SizeGenetics is my first extender with which I have achieved good results. Later, when I began to intensively use the Penimaster PRO complete set together with the rod extenders and the belt, I noticed the difference. What was it like?

So, the pros:

  • The penis extender results are growing fast, no matter what you say, direct stretching of the penis, when the head is firmly held by the strap – this is a strength.
  • The extender is very resistant to dropping the penis from the strap. Those. I had this a couple of times in 7 months.
  • The tension is always maintained. Those. the spring balance and my exposed tension are always in perfect condition even if I leave the house with the extender.
  • The extender is very compact, however, I calmly hid it in my pants, after putting on tight boxers, no problems.


  • Yes, the first time I needed to get used to it.
  • I did not immediately try to put it on, then I realized that I needed to immediately take the penis and extender in one hand, and fasten the strap with the second.
  • You have to use powder so that the extender fits tightly.
  • Sometimes the penis overtrained, it was a little painful.
  • I had to spend time to understand how long I can wear an extender and with what tension.

My marks:

Technology: 10 of 10
Made in Denmark
Comfort – 8 of 10
Time to get results 10 of 10
Easy to wear and use 9 of 10
Side effects – long time usage, incorrect wearing

Male Edge Review

This is the device that DanaMedics developed. Soup is also the world’s first extender JES Extender and the SizeGenetics. I would call this device the most convenient to use.


Just the minuses of the extender are only in technology, rod extenders are always more difficult to wear and you need skill at the initial stage. Otherwise, among the rod extenders – this is the most convenient.


It combines the effectiveness of rod extender and convenience. You can take it off and put it on while popping the penis with the help of latches, i.e. the base remains in place. If you want to get better results and add length to the booms, simply twist them and set a new length.

In general, adjustment, especially for beginners, is a complicated matter, it’s good when you can so easily set everything up without removing and putting on the extender. Moreover, the mechanism is reliable, proven, simple and does not break.

Quick Note
The belt with which the member is fastened to the base does not wear out, as is the case with other extenders, in which the penis must be quilted from the belt to remove it.

Read our Male Edge review.

JES Extender Review and results

This extender is a real classic because, in fact, it was the first. At the same time, the technology, in principle, has not changed, as for the rod extenders. Yes, now they use the loopless often, and more often the strap.

But he is here. The quality of the materials is exceptional, the assembly is perfect. There is a guarantee.


  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Clinical research
  • 100% correct technology for proper stretching of the penis
  • Clear design
  • It is easy to assemble even for a beginner
  • Fast and guaranteed results

Cons: little attention is paid to comfort, it is advisable to put an extra pad on the penis so that it does not rub. Like many extenders, there is the problem of penis slipping. It is necessary to adjust, it takes time to get used to.

 My opinion: I recommend this device to anyone who appreciates their comfort and is not afraid of experimentation. Yes, this technology is unique and many do not want to try something new, but this is their problem .

Penimaster the Weight Expander

This is the most unique extender on the market, the second one I have not found. It uses the latest Penimaster development to fix the penis head and traction scales to create the right tension.

I would recommend such an extender to users who have been using extenders for at least a few months. Since working with live weights is very jewelry.


  • Complexity in use
  • It is difficult to pick up weight
  • It is impossible to do anything except stand or sit
  • It is easy to injure the penis

Pros: so there are a lot of them. Firstly, this technology is the most effective, known in antiquity. When used correctly, there are no side effects. Control time, weight, use correctly and your penis extender results will be much faster and more significant than when using any other extenders.

 My opinion: this is a very serious device and is suitable for experienced users who have already achieved some results with the extender before and want to improve it. An experienced user can achieve new heights with Weight Expander .


Today it is the most popular hydraulic pump in the world. The technology of soft pumping with the help of the vacuum that is created inside the flask filled with water is truly unique and effective.

This in-house development of the DX Products, which is now used by more than 1 000 000 men in the world. Impeccable quality, medical materials. This is an expensive and effective device that is simply impossible to complain about.


Unlike vacuum pumps, which are quite dangerous to use, the only result you can achieve is a short-term increase in erection. Bathmate is primarily a penis enlargement pump.

The pressure inside the cylinder is so significant that cell division and proliferation begin in the tissues of the penis, which leads to the formation of new tissues and, as a result, the growth of the length and width of the penis.

Thanks to Bathmate, you can avoid the standard of pumping with an air pump – tearing of tissues, capillaries, redness of the skin and side effects so on. Water softens the effects of micro ruptures of tissues and visually you will not see any negative consequences.

 The pump can be used by beginners, it is easy to get started with it, the Hydro 7 Original and Hydromax versions are fully automatic, you do not need to monitor the pressure level and so on. Everything is controlled by a special valve .

An erection grows after the first use. Bathmate Hydroxtreme – version of the pump with a pear for manual pumping, ideal for those who want to get the maximum result


It may not be particularly effective for some men unless you also use Kegel exercises, jelqing or a device for stretching the penis such as the SizeGenetics.

The penis of each man is individual, for some of them pumping is not a catalyst for penis growth, except for an erection. But without a pump, any extenders will not be so effective, i.e. Bathmate is an important element in the right strategy for natural penis enlargement.

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