JES-Extender Review, Results(Before/After) and Routine I Tried

Jes Extender is a classic extender model with the ability to use a strap and loop fastener. You can imagine – it is from this extender that absolutely all existing products of this type on the market take an example.

All of them are called Rod Extenders today, yes they offer their design, some more convenient functions, but in general – it’s all the same Jex Extender with its technology, which gives a guaranteed result.

Why Jex Extender – is it Still the Number one Device?

  • Because it is very difficult to come up with something else while this technology works flawlessly.
  • Because this product is made in Europe (Denmark) and its effectiveness is clinically proven.
  • Because everything is created for comfort and convenience. Under the mount on the penis, a protection pad is put on, which prevents the penis from rubbing.
  • Because today 6 different device packages are immediately available to consumers.
  • Because spare parts and accessories are always available, such as a Cohesive gauge for even more comfort, Custom Velcro Strap with softer fastening than a regular strap. No-slip protects – the perfect solution to hold the penis in the device so that it cannot slip out of it.

My Review and Results(Before/After) with Pictures and Video

Jes Extender is a smartly thought-out extender that has been gaining new fans since 1995. And yet, haven’t they come up with anything better? Why is the classic technology implemented by Jes so popular today?

  • First of all, it is the most correct. It is very important to have an anatomically correct model of penis stretchers in this type of extender, then this will work.
  • A lot of analogs have appeared on the market that is trying to offer some unique function, which turns out to be unreliable or ill-conceived. This does not make the stretching of the penis effective and achieve a result.
  • The market is flooded with Chinese fakes, which use poor-quality materials, are poorly assembled, they break and can harm your penis.
  • A good extender cannot be cheap, because it must use high-quality, expensive materials. They try to reduce the cost of similar products by replacing aluminum with other cheaper alloys. But such devices cannot pass clinical trials and this information is carefully hidden. Better not experiment.
  • The battle for comfort in using boom extenders is the toughest. It’s no secret that the main problem with this type of device is that with prolonged use, you may experience unpleasant sensations and it is important to monitor the wearing time and use various Protection pads. Jex Extender has developed the most delicate accessories for the comfortable use of his device.
  • JES Extender provides fast and guaranteed results according to numerous reviews, where people post their before and after pictures

How to use Jes Extender?

How to Use JES-Extender?
So, the instructions are the most standard, if you have ever used any rod extender, then it will be very easy for you to deal with Jes Extender. If not, just follow the simple instructions:

  1. Assemble the device by rolling the rods on it (you can always add or remove the rods by adjusting the desired length).
  2. Put on the head of the member of the Protection pad and insert the penis into the device through the ring, securing the head with a strap.
  3. Adjust the tension level – you should feel the load, but it should be comfortable.
  4. Use the device up to 2-3 hours, then take a break for a couple of hours and again you can put it on. It is advisable to wear a device of 4-6 hours per day in total.
  5. Be careful if you are a beginner. It’s important not to over-train your penis.
  6. Addiction occurs in the first 2 weeks, during this period everything seems unusual, uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. But as soon as you adapt, adjust the device, you will begin comfortable use.

JES Extender Pros and Cons

Today, vacuum extenders have appeared on the market that fixes the penis head in a special chamber using a vacuum and then a special stretcher gives a load for the device to work.

Yes, this approach is considered more delicate, but the effect of vacuum adversely affects the mucous membrane of the head. All this can lead to discomfort, adverse reactions such as redness, dry skin, and so on. Even if vacuum technology is used in combination with a condom, it cannot be considered effective enough.

Stretching the penis by fixing the penis in the loop and using the rods and the spring mechanism is the most effective solution for the process of stretching the penis. Cells divide and form new ones, as tissue grows. The type of tension is of great importance, because an insufficient load, an uneven load, a falling load will not give a result.

Experienced users choose precisely the rod extenders like Jes Extender, as they are reliable and give a powerful adjustable load. You can see the results of my Jes Extender routine fter 1,2,3,6 months. Read my review.

What is the Most Important in Penis Traction?

Only barbell extenders can effectively straighten a penis. Yes, vacuum stretchers can also be used for these purposes, which can be conveniently worn with a belt over your shoulder, over your knee or thigh. But all this is an additional load and the main thing will still be exactly the bar extender, such as Jes Extender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?

Barbell extenders are like exercise machines in the gym, if you use them correctly, there can only be benefits. For the extender to work correctly, it is enough to follow simple instructions: you need to carry out the extender in proportion, select the correct rod length, adjust the tension correctly, and all this can be adjusted over time.

Be sure to wear a Protection pad on the head of the penis, there are patches, there are various silicone gaskets. See what’s best for you.

Is Jex Extender comfortable?

Understand correctly, often men refuse to use as soon as they put it on and feel discomfort. This is all the first time – you need to learn how to correctly put on the device, remove, configure, focus on sensations. You must find your ideal format for wearing the extender and you will understand why and why you use it

Jes Extender Results(Before/After)

First of all, the extender is used to increase the penis in length and width, so stretching the penis helps to increase erection, stamina in sex, providing additional blood flow to the penis due to stretching.

A big problem can be the curvature of the penis, which can be accompanied by pain, lack of a strong erection, or even pain. Sometimes men cannot even engage in frictions during sex because of severe curvature.

Jes Extender can align the penis within a few months, especially if it is not related to congenital features.

Why should I choose Jes Extender among other similar devices?

Because all devices essentially copy Jes Extender. They don’t even really change the design or the functional part. Someone came up with belt clips, someone came up with a detachable base mechanism, this is Penimaster Chrome. Yes, this device is probably the only competitor, but in general, it uses the same principles of work. I see no reason to overpay for it.

How long do I need to use the device to increase a penis?

All results are individual. Someone sees the first growth of the penis in 2-3 weeks, then it develops rapidly with each passing month.

Quick Note
Then, at 4-5 months, the results stop and you need to add other methods – pumping, stretching with your hands, you can take dietary supplements to increase your erection.

Well, someone says that the results begin to grow later – after 1-2 months, the growth goes smoothly and you can increase the penis by 1-3 inches.

Which package is better to buy? Where to order?

Naturally, an order needs to be done only on the official website, where you can get the best price, an official guarantee, you can buy accessories right away. I recommend a couple more straps to take, a band-aid, Sleeping pad, Protection pad. May be needed with prolonged use.

What do the doctors say?

Jes Extender has tons of recommendations from dozens of doctors. This device has passed all clinical trials, various studies, tests have been published about it. You can be sure that you are buying a reliable device recommended by doctors.

I want to add that Jes Extender is 100% similar to SizeGenetics. Yes, this is the same device, just with a different name. And it is praised in all forums, although, if you put SizeGenetics in a box with Jes Extender, you would not see the difference.

It is simply not there. There is marketing that is used to sell such devices, but I always trust the original more, as it is the most reliable. You can buy Jes Extender on the official website.

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