SizeGenetics Penis Extenders Before and After Real Results/Review

SizeGenetics – the Best Extender for Men

There are a huge number of extenders on the market that are designed to increase the size of the penis, align its curvature, and normalize the work of the sexual function.

Among all this diversity, users prefer to choose the proven and effective SizeGenetics extender, which was released back in 1995. Since that time, the design and some structural elements have changed, but this did not in any way affect its effective action.

SizeGenetics has helped millions of men around the world increase penis size by more than 25%. Most customers, who share their reviews on forums, have a positive opinion about the device, as evidenced by real reviews left on the forums and the manufacturer’s official website.

Many experts in the field of urology speak about the high quality, effectiveness, and safety of the extender. They prescribe the use of the device to their patients, guaranteeing them a 100% positive result.

Certificates of quality are evidence of the high degree of safety of the expander during use. These documents were issued by the commission during clinical and laboratory studies, in which real people took part.

SizeGenetics Results

SizeGenetics device is a high-quality device that has a unique operating technology. This ensures maximum tension with a force of up to 2800 grams. Such a load allows you to quickly and efficiently stretch the cave tissue of the penis, thereby increasing the length and diameter of the genital organ.

 Let us outline a number of results that can be obtained in the process of using the SizeGenetics extender: 
  • Penis enlargement by 15% – 35%.
  • Getting rid of all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which are manifested in a weak erection, short sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation, a small amount of seminal fluid during ejaculation, decreased libido and weak sensations during orgasm.
  • The alignment of the curvature of the penis, the so-called symptom of Peyronie’s disease. Curvature can be either congenital or acquired.
  • Improving the psycho-emotional state of a man who is now becoming confident in himself and his sexual abilities.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics create an effective tension by stretching the penis with the help of metal rods in which the springs are built. Under the force of gravity, the cave tissues are stretched, as well as the activation of blood flow, which directly affects the final result.

Quick Note
To see positive changes in the process of using SizeGenetics, the user needs to undergo a course of treatment lasting 5 to 8 months. The effect obtained lasts for several years.

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How to Use the Device?
A user must wear the SizeGenetics device regularly for 5 to 10 hours a day. It is strictly forbidden to use the extender at night when the sensitivity of the body decreases to low levels.

Fixing the structure is quite simple. To do this, insert the penis into the ring at the base and pass it along the metal rods, fixing the penis head with an additional belt.

To enhance the effect of penis enlargement, it is necessary to seek the help of pumping, which is performed using a special Bathmate water pump. To this complex, you can add the performance of special exercises and the intake of the VigRx Plus supplement.

Efficiency and Safety

 SizeGenetics is 100% effective and safe to use, evidenced user reviews, medical advice, and quality certificates, which were issued in the course of clinical trials .

The device is implemented in a convenient case, which allows you to reliably store the installation. Delivery of goods to any region of the world is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

SizeGenetics Packages

 The manufacturer launches 4 different packages of expanders, which differ in their configuration and cost: 
  • The price of the device to align the curvature of the penis is $279.
  • For a standard set of SizeGenetics with a minimum configuration and video instruction, you will have to pay only $190.
  • An extended kit with a case for storing the unit and a huge number of additional parts costs $230.
  • The price of a premium kit with an additional case and a case for storing the unit, as well as food additives, is $280.

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